Cordless Fauxwood

SmartPrivacy Normandy Wood Blinds are made from 100% real hardwood harvested from eco-friendly forest operations. For Normandy Wood Blinds, we utilize the same premium hardwood found in Normandy Wood Shutters, which are meant to last a lifetime. Selected for its distinctive grain, resilience, and sustainable characteristics, not only are Normandy Wood Blinds eco-friendly and have quality-built. They offer the most luxury options, top treatments, and colors we have available for blinds.

A Better Cordless

Experience a new level of performance, safety, and flawless daily operation in SmartPrivacy® Faux Wood Blinds featuring Performance Cordless. SmartPrivacy® Faux Wood Blinds featuring Performance Cordless are more level when raised.


Light comes through between slats on traditional blinds since they cannot close completely. SmartPrivacy® helps seal these gaps with slat-to-slat coverage.

  • Exclusive slat-to-slat coverage with closure.
  • No visible route holes when closed.
  • Tighter closure better seals the gaps.


  1. SmartPrivacy® System
  2. Performance Cordless
    • Smooth Operation
    • Reliable Performance
    • Larger Max Sizes
  3. Co-Extruded Slat
    • 2000 UV
    • 125º HDT
    • Lighter Weight
  4. Impact resistant, modern, valance free, polydeco headrail
  5. Engineered Bottom Rail