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Do they bring new kind of feeling for your home interior

No one wants to bear the fact that their windows are always open and bother them when they wake up in the morning. Change is an important part of life whether it is your eating habits, lifestyle, footwear, apparel collection, or home. There is one trend that has become quite popular in the modern world is a home renovation or redesigning. Today homes are getting smarter by upgrading to furniture, re-coloring walls, changing televisions or some other general implementations.

You can easily and effectively change the feel and look of your homes with custom window treatments in Chicago solutions. They not only offer you the ambiance of your home but also blend with your home interior perfectly. Window treatments are trendy solutions to shield your home from outside harsh climate and sunlight. You will see that installation windows coverings they will protect your windows and bring the new and unique change you will enjoy for a long time. This is the reason we have listed below some interesting facts about window coverings Chicago to help you understand everything with the latest information, guide, which kind of treatment is excellent to go with, and why you should pick this one in the first place.

What is window treatment?

If you are looking for an affordable and simple way to upgrade your home interior, then you should invest in windows treatments as they will give you soft quality, unique controlled appearance for the windows.

Every year you spend hundreds of dollars decorating your homes why not invest a little amount in the most important part of the house and give a new touch. Window treatment is a kind of modification or cover of windows that aims to enhance the aesthetic of any room.

There are three categories of window treatments
you will get to see below

Soft Window Treatment
This includes anything made from soft material like curtains, sheers, swags, drapes, roman shades, valances, and flat ones.
Hard Window Treatments
This includes anything made from hard material like vinyl, honeycomb, wood, shades, shutters, and blinds.
Layered Window Treatment
This window treatment includes fabric that rolls, folds, stacks and allow you to view through.

Types of window treatments

Home decoration is one of those experiences that always require a new pattern of trend every year. The most famous trend this time is to revamp the windows and adding attractive designs, bright, subtle colors, and enticing textures to your windows is something every homeowner prefers. This kind of upgrade to your windows truly changes the ambiance of the home and makes a comfortable and soothing look. Before you start implementing windows covering here are some options in windows treatment types you need to consider.

Woven wood shades

Woven wood shades are also known as matchstick shades or bamboo shade. They offer a natural and exotic look that offers a more casual look for almost any decoration. These woven wood shades give complex textures, and sophisticated natural coloring you can’t resist but to praise it.

Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds are very popular that pulls up and sit flat on the top of windows to hide from sight when open. Pleated blinds have a bottom-up and top-down blind which is considered an ingenious feature to control light easily.

Cellular shades

Cellular shades come with a unique design that maximizes energy efficiency and insulates your homes. They come in single, double, and triple cells and offer various levels of light control with its light filtering blackout. These cell shapes in blinds trap and hold air and create a barrier between the room and window surface to help you keep warm during winter days.

Shoji panels

Shoji panels are used in Japanese decoration and can be used as doors, window coverings, and rood dividers. They are made of bamboo and wood with a translucent paper and easily allow light to get into the room. You can also use them as a folding screen as well. Shoji panels consist of many panels and frames that are connected to hinges and come in a variety of designs to increase the beauty of rooms.

Size and design of window treatments

For those of you who don’t know that windows are masterpieces of any home and decorating them can be a tricky one. Those odd-shaped drapes and curtain has become old fashioned and custom window treatments in Chicago are a perfect replacement for them to make your home look elegant and modern. Let’s take a look at the size and design of the windows that proved to be more stylish and versatile for your needs.

Size: A common window size includes the length of 35 to 78 inches and width from 25 to 50 inches. Sliding windows have a height of 24, 48, and 60 inches and width of 37, 72, and 85 inches.

Design: These are some design ideas for windows treatment that will dramatically improve your view and can be used for small and big homes. A custom design window allows you to choose the right color, fabric, lining, and shades.

Sheer White Curtains
Multi-Hued Curtains
Fancy Frames
Full Floor To Ceiling Curtains

Classic Shades
Tall Drapes
Printed Valances
Sky Blue Windows Shutters

Window treatment Style

Do you want to find out how to dress up your windows in your budget, check out these styles that will clear your mind and suited for this season you will appreciate including this style.

Tie-up Shade With Trim
Long Panels With Bamboo Shade, And Rod
Wood Blinds With A Rod, And Panels

Plain Curtains
Cap-Cod Style

Window treatment materials

Windows treatment comes in many imaginable shades and textures. What to do if you are not an expert? Before you begin windows treatment you need to make sure you get the right fabric material such as

It is made from flax and linen is a soft, smooth fabric that easily merges with other materials like polyester, silk, and cotton.
Lace is a delicate and fine fabric material with an open weave that allows light and air to come in. lace is commonly paired with other fabric types specifically for windows treatment.
Gingham is a blend of polyester and cotton that is a fun material and ideally used for smaller windows for kitchens and other rooms.
Polyester is synthetic and easy to care material. It can blend with cotton and provide a more natural feeling.
This material often used beneath the drapes and curtains. This is breathable and allows light to go through
It is a luxurious, thick and dense pile. It holds heat inside it and an ideal choice for summer days.
This is a chunky and rough material made from thicker yarn.

Some other types of custom windows treatment

Venetian Blinds
Vertical Blinds
Panel Tracks
Roman Shades

Roller Shades
Sheer Curtains
Austrian Shades

Window treatment installation cost

The average cost of custom window treatments in Chicago ranges from $120 to $1,150 price. It completely depends on the size and shape of windows coverings.

Final word

To increase your home interior you can start from windows treatment that will eventually give you lots of benefits for every season and aims to increase the value of home decorations as well.